Parents’ Association

Limited Draw Results January 2019

1st Prize: €200 - Patricia O'Sullivan      (Paddy Rang 1)

 2nd Prize: €100 - John Flannery           (Daniel Rang 2)

3rd Prize : €50 - Michael Moran            (Adam Rang 1)

Guess The Score Winners

As there was no exact prediction for the Ireland v's England Rugby match the prize fund €300 was split 3 ways between 3 very close guesses. Daniel Flannery                   Sold by himself!  Rang 2 Con Hayden                          Sold by Daniel Hayden Rang 1 Eoin Tuke                               Sold by Oisín Tuke        Rang 5 Thank you all for your support.    

Limited Draw Results December 2018

1st Prize: €200 - Moira O'Brien      (Matthew Rang 6)

 2nd Prize: €100 - Emer McKenna  (George Rang 1)

3rd Prize : €50 - Adrienne Whelan (Mitchell Rang 1)

Christmas Raffle

1st Prize :Ipad Mini - Aileen Costello (Caellum Rang 4)

2nd Prize: Luxury Food Hamper - Susan Berry (Riley Rang 1)

3rd Prize: €100 Dundrum Voucher - Ide Bradley (Pierce Rang 2)

4th Prize: Sweet Hamper - Siobhan Curran (Nevan Rang 4)

Limited Draw Results November 2018

1st Prize: €200 - Fionuala Campion (Past Pupil)

 2nd Prize: €100 - Pam Sharkey (Sam 5th)

3rd Prize : €50 - Sinead Cullen (Adam 5th)

Limited Draw Results October 2018

1st Prize: €200 - R & J O’Donoghue (Michael 6th & Stephen 4th)

2nd Prize: €100 - Pauline Williamson (Andrew 3rd)

3rd Prize: €50 - Catherine Giblin (Past Pupil)

 Limited Draw Results September 2018

1st Prize: €200 - Trish Mullen (Past Pupil)

2nd Prize:€100 - Seán Hanifin (Past Pupil)

3rd Prize: €50 - Clare Naughton (Aidan, Sean & Conor)

Limited Draw Results August 2018

1st Prize: €200 - Lisa Kiernan (Dean Rang 6, Scott Rang 2) 2nd Prize: €100 - Pam Sharkey  Scott  (Daniel Rang 5) 3rd Prize: €50 - Joanne Fallon  (Niall Rang 4)

Limited Draw Results July 2018

1st Prize: €200 - Orla Tuke (Oisín Rang 5) 2nd Prize: €100 - Catherine Lynam (Past Pupil) 3rd Prize: €50 - Jennifer Clarke (Harry Rang 2)

Limited Draw Results June 2018

1st Prize: €200 - Inez Foley (Past Pupil) 2nd Prize: €100 - Ruth Fletcher (Aaron Rang 1) 3rd Prize: €50 - Fionnuala Stevenson (Past Pupil)

Limited Draw Results May 2018

1st Prize: €200 - Nessa Roche Domhnall (Rang 4) 2nd Prize: €100 - Triona O'Reilly (Past Pupil) 3rd Prize: €50 - Sinead & Noel Cullen (Adam Rang 4)

Limited Draw Results April 2018

1st Prize: €200 - Sinead Ivory (Past Pupil) 2nd Prize: €100 - May Na Chan (Ricky Rang 3) 3rd Prize: €50 - Con Callan (Emmet & Fionn)

Limited Draw Results March 2018

1st Prize: €200 - Ann Keane (Barry Rang 1) 2nd Prize: €100 - R & C O'Connell/Lynam (Ben Rang 3) 3rd Prize: €50 - Sinead Ivory (Past Pupil)

Limited Draw Results February 2018

1st Prize: €200 - Tara Hogan  (Tom Rang 4) 2nd Prize: €100 - Zoran Cvijvc (Aleksandar Rang 6) 3rd Prize: €50 - Caroline McMahon (Past Pupil)

Limited Draw Results January 2018

1st Prize: €200 - Sharon Kelly  (Cathal & Adam) 2nd Prize: €100 - Lisa Kiernan (Dean & Scott) 3rd Prize: €50 - Sandra Ennis (Past Pupil)

 Limited Draw Results December 2017

1st Prize: €200 - Gill Redmond (Matthew 2nd) 2nd Prize: €100 - Frances McIntyre (Past Pupil) 3rd Prize: €50 - Sandra Chambers (Conor 4th & Tom 6th)

Limited Draw Results November 2017

1st Prize: €200 - May Na Chan (Ricky Rang 3) 2nd Prize: €100 - Trish Mullen (Who?!!) 3rd Prize: €50 - Seán O'Donnell (Board of Management (Previous))

 Limited Draw Results October 2017

1st Prize: €200 - Catherine Giblin (Past Pupil)

2nd Prize: €100 - Clare Naughton (Conor Rang 2,  Aidan & Sean Rang 1)

3rd Prize: €50 - May Chan (Ricky Rang 3)

Limited Draw Results September 2017

1st Prize: €200 - Linda Dooley (Fionn & Oisín  Rang 2 & 3) 2nd Prize: €100 - D & G Watts (Conor Rang 4) 3rd Prize: €50 - James Collery (Jacob &  Adam Rang 4 & 2)

Guess The Score

We had 3 correct predictions for our Guess The Score of the Football All Ireland.  The prize money was divided as follows: €100: Siobhán Dooley - Seller Matthew Brenner, Rang 6 - €30 €100: Louise Fitzgerald - Seller Shane Fitzgerald, Rang 2 - €30 €100: Ronan Hore - Seller David Hore, Rang 2 -   €30

Limited Draw Results August 2017

1st Prize: €200 - Valerie Brennan (Rory Rang 3)

2nd Prize: €100 - Caroline O'Kelly (Past Pupil)

3rd Prize: €50 - Pauline Olive (Past Pupil)

Limited Draw Results July 2017

1st Prize: €200 - Zoran Cvijic (Aleksandar Rang 6)

2nd Prize: €100 - Caroline McMahon (Past Pupil)

3rd Prize:  €50 - Audrey Maguire  (Past Pupil)

Limited Draw Results June 2017

1st Prize: €200 - Adrienne Medlar (Fionn Rang 6)

2nd Prize: €100 - Mary Leonard (Past Pupil)

3rd Prize: €50 - Paul & Ann Maher (Patrick Rang 2)

Limited Draw Results May 2017

1st Prize: €200 - Paul & Ann Maher (Patrick Rang 2)

2nd Prize : €100 - Claire McDonagh (Staff!)

3rd Prize: €50 - Trish Mullen (Staff!)

Limited Draw Results April 2017

1st Prize: €200 - Grainne Murphy Rourke (Past Pupil)

2nd Prize: €100 - Linda Gavin (Senan Rang 2)

3rd Prize: €50 - Sharon Kelly (Adam Rang 2 & Cathal Rang 4)

GUESS THE SCORE competition for the Ireland v's England Rugby Match

Congratulations to Cillian McBrien from Rang 2  for correctly predicting scooping the €300 and also scooping the coveted Sellers Prize of €30

Limited Draw Results March 2017

1st Prize: €200 - Catherine Giblin (Past Pupil)

2nd Prize: €100 - Caroline O'Kelly (Past Pupil)

3rd Prize: €50 - Stephen Mulholland (Hugo Rang 5 & Odhran Rang 6)

Limited Draw Results February 2017

1st Prize: €200 - Seán Hanifin (Past Pupil)

2nd Prize: €100 - Adrienne Medlar (Fionn Rang 6)

3rd Prize: €50 - Mary O'Sullivan (Myles Rang 6)

Limited Draw Results January  2017

1st Prize: €200 - Pam Sharkey (Sam Scott Rang 3)

2nd Prize: €100 - Sandra Chambers (Tom & Conor Rang 5 & 3)

3rd Prize: €50 - Pauline Oliver (Past Pupil)

Limited Draw Results December  2016

1st Prize: €200 - Abi Jackson (Ethan Rang 2)

2nd Prize: €100 - Frances McIntyre (Past Pupil)

3rd Prize: €50 - Finola Campion (Past Pupil)

Limited Draw Results November  2016

1st Prize: €200 - Paul & Ann Maher (Patrick Rang 2)

2nd Prize: €100 - Moira O'Brien (Matthew Rang 4)

3rd Prize :€50 - Margorzata Polanski (Mateusz  Rang 2)

Limited Draw Results October  2016

1st Prize: €200 - Margorzata Polanski  (Mateusz  Rang 2)

2nd Prize: €100 - Conor Callan (Emmett Ramg 3 and Fionn Rang 5)

3rd Prize: €50 - Fiona Curran Lonergan (Nevan Rang 2)


GUESS THE SCORE competition for the All Ireland Football Final Dublin v's Mayo.  Despite the unusual result we had one winner!

Congratulations to Ellen McCann for scooping the €300 and of course to Dylan for getting the much coveted Sellers Prize of €30

Limited Draw Results

July 2016

1st Prize: €200 - Claire Cullen (Alex Rang 1 & Sam Rang 2)

2nd Prize: €100 - Adrienne Medlar (Fionn Rang 6)

3rd Prize: €50 - Steven Mulholland (Hugo Rang 5 & Odhran Rang 6)

August  2016

1st Prize: €200 - John McGrory (David Rang 4)

2nd Prize: €100 - N & A Garvey (Brendan Rang 3)

3rd Prize: €50 - Sandra Chambers (Conor Rang 3  &  Tom Rang 5)

September 2016

1st Prize: €200 - Finola Herbst (Past Pupil)

2nd Prize: €100 - Des Morris (The Boss!)

3rd Prize: €50 -Moira Byrne (Cian Rang 5)

Limited Draw Results

May 2016

1st Prize: €200 - Oonagh Nevin (Past Pupil)

2nd Prize: €100 - Paula Coghlan (Neil Rang 6)

3rd Prize: €50 - Eimear Cullen (Oisín Rang 1)

April 2016

1st Prize: €200 - Patrick Cryan (Daniel Rang 6)

2nd Prize: €100 - Liam & Maria Gannon (Past Pupil)

3rd Prize: €50 - Caroline O'Kelly (Past Pupil)

March 2016

1st Prize: €200 - Orla Tuke (Eoin Rang 4, Oisín Rang 2)

2nd Prize: €100 - Des Morris (The Office!)

3rd Prize: €50 - Fergal & Carmel O Farrell (Eoghan Rang 1)

February 2016

1st Prize: €200 - Emer Darmody (Freddy Rang 4, Oliver  Rang 2)

2nd Prize: €100 - Paula Coghlan (Neil Rang 6)

3rd Prize: €50 - Niamh  Fannin (Staff)

 January 2016

1st Prize: €200 - John McGrory (David Rang 3)

2nd Prize: €100 - Noreen Carroll  (Joshua Rang 1)

3rd Prize: €50  - Fionnuala Stevenson (Past Pupil)

Christmas Raffle Prize Winners

1st Prize: iPad Mini  - Aileen McGivern

2nd Prize: Giant Food Hamper - Micheal Hagan

3rd Prize: Dundrum Voucher - Daniel Geoghegan

4th Prize: Sweet Hamper - Adam Walsh

5th Prize: Novelty Christmas Cake - Ben Neale Biggs

6th Prize: Side of Smoked Salmon - Niall Garvey

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets and a BIG THANK YOU also to our sponsors who donated some of the prizes.

 Colours Day for St. Vincent de Paul

Thanks to all the boys and their families who donated to colours day last Friday in aid of the St Vincent de Paul. They raised €597.80.

Limited Draw Results - December

1st Prize: €200 - Sarah Carroll Walshe (Adam Rang 4 & Karl Rang 1)

2nd Prize: €100 - Aoife Gallagher (Regan Rang 6 & Callum Rang 4)

3rd Prize: €50 - Catherine O'Brien (Past Pupil)

Parents Association Christmas Raffle 2015

 It’s that festive time of the year again when we are running our annual Christmas Hamper Raffle which the boys look forward to each year.

We would be delighted if parents/guardians could donate something to make these hampers even more appealing.

All sweets, biscuits and treats are welcome and as usual the Parents Association will be funding the larger prizes!

Our committee members have already donated some goodies to get the ball rolling but your donations would be greatly appreciated if possible.

Many thanks!

Limited Draw Results: September 2015

Ist Prize: €200 - Sandra Ennis (PP)

2nd Prize: €100 - Tanya Fields (Cody Rang 5)

3rd Prize: €50 - Grainne Murphy Rourke (PP)

August 2015

Ist Prize: €200 - Fionnuala Stevenson (PP)

2nd Prize: €100 - Paula Coughlan (Neil Rang 6)

3rd Prize: €50 - Orla Tuke (Eoin & Oisín)

July  2015

Ist Prize: €200 - Sarah Carroll Walsh (Adam Rang 4)

2nd Prize:€100 - Ailbhe Donohoe (PP)

3rd Prize: €50 - Con Callan (Emmet & Fionn)

Strictly Ballyroan

The parents association would like to say a huge thanks to all parents, pupils, family, friends and to all of our corporate sponsors and members of the Ballyroan community who supported our “Strictly Ballyroan” fundraising event. To say that this event made a “splash” around the community would be an understatement, and the whole project was a total success, both as an event in its own right, and as a fundraising activity.

Everyone who attended will attest to a wonderful and very professionally run event, and everyone had a great night out. All of the dancers have commented on how well supported they all were on stage, and that the atmosphere in the room was electric. It made all of the considerable time that they gave to practicing etc very worthwhile.

We are still collecting money from the pledges that were made prior to the event, and we have some corporate sponsorship still to come in, but at this stage we are happy to say that we will be close to achieving our fundraising target, which is unreal!

Final figures will be announced at the parent’s Association AGM in September, so if you are curious to find out how much the event raised exactly, please make sure that you come along. Exact date and time will be published after the school holidays.

Congratulations to Emer Flood & Barry Redmond who were winners on the night – they performed “Dirty Dancing”, and were representing 6th class in the girls school. Interestingly, Emer is an aunt of Zach and Louis Kearney, currently in 3rd Class (Ms. Mazzoni’s), so no divided loyalties there…!

Also, well done to Mr. Murphy (5Th Class teacher) and his dance partner Frances Crean, mum of Zach Crean, 6th Class (Mr Canning) , who were winners of the dress rehearsal. Mark & Frances performed “the Tango”, and while Frances danced for 5th Class in BBNS, she also has girls in SNP and is the current chairperson of their PA committee – so there is conflict everywhere!!

Nonetheless, the collaboration between both PA committees was great to see, and hopefully it is something that can be built upon in the future.

Finally, a million thanks again to everyone for their support and participation, and we hope you all have a wonderful summer.

Best regards

Ballyroan Boys PA committee

The Couples

IMG_0078 IMG_0080 IMG_0081 IMG_0082 IMG_0083 IMG_0084 IMG_0085 IMG_0086 IMG_0087 IMG_0088 IMG_0089 IMG_0091 IMG_0092 IMG_0093

Guess The Score

The Winning score of 19 9 was correctly predicted by SANDRA CHAMBERS, Parent of Conor Rang 1 & Tom Rang 3.

Thank you to all who supported this fundraiser. In excess of €1000 was banked as a result for the Parents Association.

Limited Draw Results  - June  2015

Ist Prize: €200 - Tommy Keogh (David, Mark & James)

2nd Prize: €100 - Sharon McGrory (David Rang 2)

3rd Prize: €50 - Barry Somers (PP)

May  2015

Ist Prize: €200 - Gerry O'Brien (Past Principal!)

2nd Prize: €100 - Audrey Maguire  (PP)

3rd Prize: €50 - Maria Gannon (David Rang 6)

April  2015

Ist Prize: €200 - Sarah Carroll Walsh (Adam Rang 4)

2nd Prize: €100 - Con Callan (Emmet & Fionn)

3rd Prize: €50 - Frances McIntyre (PP)

March  2015

Ist Prize: €200 - Sandra Ennis  (Josh Rang 6)

2nd Prize: €100 - Inez Foley  (PP)

3rd Prize: €50 - Deirdre Durkan (Manus Rang 6)

February  2015

Ist Prize: €200 - Anne Marie Connolly (Kevin Rang 3)

2nd Prize: €100 - Bridget Morris (Owen Rang 5)

3rd Prize:€50 -Ailbhe Donohoe (Past Pupil)

Limited Draw Results January 2015

Ist Prize: €200 - Linda Lyons  (Past Pupil)

2nd Prize: €100 - Aoife Mulligan  (Past Pupil)

3rd Prize: €50 - Mary O Sullivan (Myles Rang 4)

Colours Day 

Saplings logo

Saplings were thrilled with the contribution of €387 from the colours day on the day we got our holidays. Their "thank you" note can be seen on the main notice board outside the school.

Christmas Raffle 2014

Thank you to everybody who made the Raffle such a success.  The boys who sold all those tickets.  The people who contributed to the Mega Food Hamper.  Pauline Farrell for making up the Hampers.  The Christmas Cake Bakers and Patrick Cryan for sourcing the bike.

Ballyroan Bingo Bonanza!

Another super bingo event today, with fears that the roof would be lifted off the school hall with all the cheering and chanting!  Mr Morris exceeded his role as bingo caller extraordinaire keeping everyone entertained with his unique style of bingo calling.

There was plenty of prizes for all the winners with a chosen few boys winning the coveted "Homework Passes" for all their class which was met with huge cheers every time.

Many thanks to all involved, and we hope everyone enjoyed eating their selection boxes!

Hope you all had great fun!

The Parents Association



1st Prize: Conor Feehan - Seán Rang 5

2nd Prize: Aoife Gallagher - Regan Rang 5 & Calum Rang 2 

3rd Prize: Con Callan - Fionn Rang 3


1st - Alison Behan - Cameron Rang 5 & Noah Rang 2

2nd -Fiona Casey - Senan Rang 6 & Tom Rang 4

3rd - Irene Heeney - Edward Rang 5


1st- Debbie O'Brien - Sam Rang 5

2nd - Annemarie O'Dwyer Ryan Rang 6

3rd - Eithne Trainor - Jake Rang 6 & Harry Rang 3


1st - Robert Smyth - Ben Rang 4 & Matthew Rang 2

2nd - Trish Mullen -Cathal Rang 6

3rd - Adrienne Medler - Fionn Rang 4


1st - Sandra Ennis -Josh Rang 6

2nd - Mary O'Sullivan - Myles Rang 3

3rd - Tommy Keogh - David Rang 6, Mark Rang 4 & James Rang 2

March 2014  News

The Guess the Score cards for the Ireland v Wales game on February 8th raised generated €1200. Thank you for the support.

The Colours Day on February 14th raise €600 for Crumlin Hospital.

January 2014 News

The Christmas Colours Day in aid of the CapuchinDay Centre raised €415.

Our Christmas Raffle raised €2400.

DVD copies of the Christmas Play will be circulate shortly to the boys in Rang 1 and Rang 4 compliments of the Parents' Association.

Parents' Association AGM 

Our AGM takes place on  Monday September 30th at 8pm. The Limited Draw for September will take place on the night and there will be an additional draw for an Attendance Prize. The usual Homework Pass will be available for boys whose parents attend this AGM.

Details of the the Committee for the Academic Year 2013/'14 will be posted soon.

Guess the Score Winners

The Guess the Score Winners were as follows

Dave Seacy - Patrick Seacy (seller)   Rang 1 Miss Hunt

Shay Reilly - Ryan Nagle (seller) Rang 2 Miss Ní Dhonnacha

Callum O’Dwyer - Ryan O’Dwyer (seller) Rang 5 Mr Murphy

Donal Hyland - Conor Hyland (seller) Rang 4 Miss Galwey

Bob Mooney - Darragh Mooney (seller) Rang 4 Miss Galwey

Ber - Fionn Callan (seller) Rang 2 Miss McDonagh

R Seery - Noah Behan (seller) Rang 1 Mrs Hayden

The €300 prize was added to and divided between the 7 winners who got €50 each

Each of the sellers earned €30 each for their efforts!

Limited Draw Results


1st -  €200 - Tanya Fields

2nd - €100 - Kirsty Hanafin

3rd - €50 - Rosaleen Ward


1st - €200 - Caroline O'Kelly

2nd - €100 - Ann Doyle

3rd - €50  - Sinead Ivory