A Grand Day Out! Determined to make the most of the beautiful September weather, the third class boys grabbed their backpacks, put on their hiking boots & brought their teachers and SNAs on a trek up the mountains! What a day to enjoy ourĀ 20140910_103115_Android 20140910_103128_Android 20140910_103130_Android 20140910_103306_Android 20140910_103418_Android 20140910_103510_Android 20140910_105836_Android 20140910_123657_Android 20140910_124327_Android 20140910_124329_Android 20140910_124351_Android (2) 20140910_124413_Android 20140910_124414_Android (2) 20140910_124456_Android 20140910_124507_Android (2) 20140910_124546_Android (2) 20140910_124556_Android (2) 20140910_124556_Android 20140910_124601_Android (2) 20140910_124640_Android 20140910_124716_Android 20140910_124746_Android 20140910_124824_Android 20140910_124839_Android 20140910_124901_Android 20140910_125001_Android (2) 20140910_125821_Android 20140910_125625_Android 20140910_140938_Android 20140910_102807_Android 20140910_125619_Android 20140910_125813_Android 20140910_125621_Android
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