1916 Commemoration 1 year on.


Our Trip to The Pearse Museum

Yesterday, as a special treat we went to the Pearse Museum to celebrate 101 years since the start of the 1916 Easter Rising.  It was a blistering hot and sunny day and not the typical Irish weather.   We all walked up ourselves with the teachers and SNAs to the park.  I could hear the birds happily chirping as our feet crunched against the gravel path in the park.  When we got to the museum my legs were trembling!  We had done so much walking by then I thought I was going to faint.  Anyway, our guide for the museum was a woman called Carmel.  She was very nice.  She led us up the first flight of stairs, then the next, then the next.

We remembered that this was the house that Padraig Pearse and his brother William and perhaps some of the other pupils and teachers in the school left from on the 25th April 1916 to make their way to the GPO to start the Rising  that they hoped would mean Irish Independence from Britain.  They were to fail but it started something great in Ireland.

One thing that caught my eye was a sculpture of a man and a lion.  Carmel told us the story of what was happening in the sculpture.  So, once upon a time there was a man with colossal muscles and he was probably the strongest man in the World, but he had one flaw:  His bragging – One day he was walking with his friends when they came across a tree trunk.  He tried but found himself with one hand stuck.  His friends just laughed and walked away.  That night a lion came and ate him.  Moral of the story – Don’t show off.

We visited many rooms including the principal’s office, the family living room, the great hall and the bedroom (dormitory) for the students.  Ruairi played the piano in the hall.  It sounded very nice, Thanks Ruairi.

I learned that William Pearse was a great artist and the art teacher at the school and that Padraig was a poet and he wrote books for children.  When we finally got back to school, it was home time.