1916 Remembered: Trips to St Enda’s

Ballyroan Boys School is so fortunate to have St Enda’s with it’s wealth of history on our door step.  Thanks to Miss Rooney’s excellent co-ordination and forward planning every class in the school has been to visit.  Thank you to Miss Flanagan and Rang 4 for this wonderful report.

4th Class trip to St. Enda’s

Today, Tuesday 1st March we went on a trip to the Pearse Museum. We walked from Ballyroan Boy’s School to St. Enda’s park. Firstly when we got there we went to where the stables used to be. There we looked at money in the water fountain where people had made wishes.

After this we began by going into the nature study room to look at some stuffed animals, they looked very real! We had a very nice kind tour guide. I saw some real live fish in a tank with water, there were also fake creepy crawlies, badgers, rats and owls on display! I liked this nature room.

Next we went to the Pádraig Pearse Museum, our class know a lot about Pádraig Pearse and ‘The 1916 Rising’ because we are doing a project about it. We began in a room about Irish legends which had many sculptures of these legends done by William Pearse, he took after his father who was a stone mason. Pádraig and William had two sisters, Margaret who was the eldest and Mary-Brigid who was younger.

We learned that the Pearse Museum used to be a boarding school and Pádraig Pearse was the headmaster. He also taught the children who went to school there, and he was a poet! The deputy headmaster was Thomas McDonagh who was also a poet and taught English.

Around the house there were many paintings and carvings, especially in the big hall where Kevin played the old piano they had in the hall. We were lucky enough to also get to see a very good 1916 art exhibition on the top floor of the museum, it was very impressive.

After we left we took a class photograph on the steps of the museum. This was a very interesting trip and I’m glad we went!

By: Elliot O’Connell      4th Class Miss. Flanagan 

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