Ballyroan Boys School, the original building.

     The 8th of January 1968 is a very special date in the history of Ballyroan Boys School.  On that day Micheál Ó Floinn (RIP)  and almost one hundres pupils walked up the Road from the Old School on Willbrook road to the new school on Ballyroan Road. That short couple of kilometres took them from  the city borough  to the country borough and from the Parish of Rathfarnham to the Parish of Ballyroan.

In 2008 Mick Flynn (RIP), as he was fondly known by everybody, recounted his memories of that time:-

“On the day of the Christmas holidays in 1967 we locked the doors and the gate of the Boys’School, Rathfarnham, for the last time.  The school had provided for the educational needs of the boys of the district for more than one hundred years.  The three of us on the staff were Edward Douglas, Principal since 1940, James Moran and myself. By modern standards, the old school could be described as primitive.  The first job in the morning was to clear out the grate and start the fire.  Firelighters had not been invented then so yesterdays newspaper was very useful!  The only water supply was from a tap on the gable at the back of the building.  There were no facilities for making a cup of tea or for washing one’s hands after handling coal while setting the fire.  The toilet was outside and was not very inviting , except to the lads who wished to have a quiet smoke without being caught!  Our “staff room” was to stand against the  safety barrier on the roadside outside the gate, but we enjoyed the chat with with some interesting “philosophers” as they passed by.  Who could forget Mr Moran with his shotgun resting on the window sill, aiming at the rats on the river bank while the boys in the class counted the victims floating down the river!”