ECO Week

This was another really bust week in school as it was National ECO week.  In order to promote the protection of our environment, classes got the opportunity to participate in Eco activities.


On Monday Ranganna 3 & 4 visited BALLYROAN LIBRARY  for a session entitled ” Pedal Powered Lab”.  This workshop entailed a workshop and an opportunity to use machines made from recycled scrap.  Paul demonstrated self motive power.  He had gadgets that played music, generated wind, produced electricity, pumped water and even made a smoothie!

Tuesday Rang 4 were back in the library for Environmental Songs.  The songs were generally about climate change, green energy and ocean songs.

Wednesday Rang 2 Dale Treadwells of RTE Junior and RTE Den fame taught Rang 2 all about Biodiversity.  Biodiversity is the variation of all life forms from the tiniest of bugs, to the plants they feed on, to the biggest whales in the sea. Biodiversity keep us alive, therefore, it is vital we conserve it’

Thursday Ranganna 3, 4 & 6 were treated to an exploration of waste, energy and climate change with Grassroots Education.  This workshop is very helpful as the school are working on our next green flag which is the biodiversity flag.

Photos to follow