3rd Class Trip to Glendalough

My Trip to Glendalough
On Friday we went on a trip to Glendalough. When I arrived at school it was a sunny day. I was so excited. Everyone was happy. I pictured a green valley scattered with pine trees and a magnificent round tower under a cloudless blue sky. I knew the trip was going to be a major success.
When we hopped on the bus which was outside the school I was tingling with excitement. On the way we saw towering mountains which made us feel tiny. I have not even reached our destination and the view was amazing. The bus stopped in the car park in a mountainous valley. When we got out we nearly got knocked down by the shock of a huge mountain. Actually it was a bit like Africa. The barren sandy part was like the Savannah. The huge forestry part was like the rainforest. The high rocky part was like Kilimanjaro. We started the journey and in less than a minute we saw the lake sure. We walked to the banks and admired the mystical valley. We trudged on not know our next encountered was to be. After a while we came to a sunny clearing and stopped to have lunch. Then we continued on up the mountain. We spotted a very deep puddle and some people claimed to have seen frogs hopping in it and on its banks.
At the next lunch stop we laid down to rest our “dead legs. I discovered a nose wrinkling pit of revolting slime. The next bit of our trip would take place on the railway sleepers. They led into the pitch black darkness of the woods. We continued on into the forest like intrepid explorers. I helped get other tired children on the trip to the top. Until we got out of the blackness we almost forgot it was daytime. We gazed all the way down the mountain at the perfectly navy blue river. Glittering fish could be seen leaping out of the water with a splash. Reddish browny grasses were growing on the marshy mountain. I spotted a high waterfall of … sand. Piles of boulders were at the base of the fall and you could just make out rusty worn down spades and pickaxes. “The Mine!”, I called out. All of a suddenly we heard a rumbling sound. Army Rangers went speeding past. The line of them seemed to go on for ever. When we went down the mountain we took a turn which led us to a path leading to where the slime pit was and the starting of the railway sleepers. This meant we were turning back. We soaked us as much of the scenery as we could before we left. When we got to the bus we hopped in and drove past the heritage centre than after about two minutes we stopped the bus and went to see the round tower. Next to the round tower there was a graveyard. After a few minutes at the tower we got into the bus and went home. We learnt lots of cool things about Vikings, monks, early monastic settlement and Glendalough itself.
By Gary Meaney, age 9, 3rd class