Aras An Úachtaráin

On May 23rd the boys in Ms Rooney’s Rang 3 went on THE most exciting trip ever!

The occasion came about as a result of the following collaborative letter

April 27th 2017

 A Uachtarán na hÉireann,

My name is Conor Watts and I am writing to you on behalf of Miss Rooney and Miss Mazzoni’s third class in Ballyroan Boys’ School.

It would be the highlight of our school year if we visited your house.                                                                                                                 

We are really enthusiastic about history because our teachers have shown and told us so many interesting things about the subject. We have already been on a trip to Arbour Hill and to St Enda’s Park for the 101st anniversary this year. Our class has learned a lot of Irish history from our experiences. We also passed your amazing house in the Phoenix Park. We were all really interested in it so somebody recommended a short trip of your house if that would be possible. But we would like to add to it by meeting you yourself. If so, we would ask to bring the boys, teachers and two extra special guests.

The first of those special guests is Florence Mc Guillicudy, who has come with us on nearly every trip that we have been on. He is ninety-three and is an amazing friend to have. He used to have a boy in our school, and when he comes on our trips, he gets excited and acts as if he is a boy in our school. For example, having a packed lunch along with him like we all do.

The second special guest would be is Retired Sergeant Major Colton who used to be a sergeant major in the Irish U.N. Veterans Association in Ireland. He served in the Congo and Cyprus and is Seán Mullrooney’s great-grandfather. He is eighty-four years old and has a lot of shiny medals and is very popular in our class.

The class knows a lot about the history of your house, the former presidents of Ireland. I am going to share with you in this letter some facts that we know.

1. The architect that designed the house was called Nathanial Clements

2. An extension was added to the house when George V visited Ireland in 1911.

3. Building the house got underway in 1751.

4. The house was given to the Lord Lieutenant who temporarily stayed there.

5. Douglas Hyde was the first President of Ireland and was from Castlerea in Roscommon, where Miss. Rooney is from.  

 We very much look forward to hearing from you!

Go raibh maith agat agus slán.

Ó Conor Watts agus Ranga 3.  

So you can imagine the excitement when the word came through that their request had been granted!

We have such good intentions about posting photos and the story of our visit but we are just not getting to it with all that is going on at the moment.  Luckily for us, Mr Florence McGillacuddy, one of our special guests on the day, maintains his own BLOG.  Nothing we could produce would be as good or as informative!  We now shamelessly suggest that you follow this link