Bird Stories

Ms Ni Dhonnacha’ s class have been writing about birds. Read some of their stories below


The Adventures of Garry Goose

One day Garry Goose was at the river. Suddenly, a poacher jumped out of the thick bushes! He frightened the life out of Garry. Poor Garry ran into Labyrinth Wood.

The harsh croak of crows was horrible. The trees formed a maze. Then a terrible stench filled the air. It was so horrible it made poor Garry faint!

After three whole hours Alisha Albatross and her best friend Harra Hawk were flying around when they met Sam Starling. They were playing tag when Sam shouted, “Dive bomb!” So they dived down to the tip of Labyrinth Wood.

Harra said, “I can see Garry Goose!” They flew down to help.

“Ugghh,” groaned Garry.

“He has thorns in his wings,” said Alisha.

“Harra and Alisha – hold Garry’s wings and follow me,’’ said Sam. They barely flew one kilometer when the poacher shot at them.

“Not this guy again,” said Garry. But the poacher gave up and ran away. They dropped Garry off at the river and flew back to their nests.

Garry thought, “What an adventure!’’

By Eoin Tuke


Darren The Duck

One day a boy called Darren the Duck was walking in a forest.

“Oh no!” said Darren. A grizzly bear had popped out of nowhere. Darren ran away quickly, the bear ran after him. Darren jumped into a swamp and swam away.

He looked under the water and he saw Peter the Piranha was chasing him. Peter was so much faster than him. So Darren jumped out of the water and Peter swam away.

While Darren was walking away, he saw Conor the Crocodile. Conor was lying on the bank. Luckily Darren was a flying duck so he flew away.

Then Darren’s adventure was over. He flew back to his nest and saw his mum Mary and his dad and told them all about his adventure.

By Freddie Darmody


Robert Robin

One day in Luxembourg a young bird named Robert Robin was flying around looking for food. By mistake he flew into a forest. He could not find food anywhere and was so scared. He met Oscar Owl and asked if he knew a way out. Oscar Owl said no but he did know someone who would know. Oscar Owl said, “Come on I will show you where she is!” Oscar Owl led Robert Robin to Maggie Magpie. They asked Maggie if she knew a way out.

Maggie said, “Yes you just go up and then right.”

Robert Robin followed the directions and Robert was out of the forest. He brought home his family lots of food. His family were very proud of Him.

By Ryan Nagle


Billy’s Adventures

Once upon a time there was a bird named Billy. His mom was called Mom Bird. His type was a blackbird. One night he was feeling bored. He was thinking to himself, “I wonder if Big Foot is out there?’’

So he set off.

He was very scared.

Then he saw a big foot mark, he was astonished.

He said, “I must follow these footprints,” and he did.

Then he saw him. “O.M.G….Hello.”

Big foot replied, “You’re dead.”

And that was the end of Billy!

By Ben Grogan