Three weeks ago, most of my school, Ballyroan BNS were going to Croke Park to support our school in the football final against Scoil San Treasa.

We went to the doors of the bus. When they opened we slowly stepped in. I partnered up with my friend Jack Maguire and quickly occupied a seat near the front. We saw the churches, shops and houses of Dublin on the way. We also passed several famous areas such as St. Patricks’s Cathedral.

Eventually, we were in north Dublin and Croke Park came leering into view. We walked into the stadium and, led by one of the school SNAs, took our seats. Most of us were lucky and got front row seats, while others were seated further away. When I got to my seat I took a second to admire the architecture of the stadium. It really was awe-inspiring.

Then, the two teams walked out onto the pitch. After the blow of a whistle, the game raged on. With no scoreboard, I was struggling to keep up with the scores. The ball was kicked from one side of the pitch to another. After a while, the cheering died down. We had lost. All hopes were dashed.

Feeling unhappy and very disappointed, we left our seats and made our way to the bus. After chatting with my friend I felt better. In the end I decided it wasn’t too bad. It was a great day apart from the result.

                                                          Gary Meaney, age 10.   Rang 4   Mrs Dunne