Cycle Safety!

Rang 4, Mr Furlong and Ms Dunne  are participating in  a course in cycling safety training run by the Cycling Safety and Skills School.

The training is proving to be great fun.  For the 30 or so boys that already cycle to school, the benefits are obvious, but training is just as important for children who cycle only at home and during the holidays. In fact, there were a number of boys who couldn’t cycle at all when the course started and they are now all cycling too.


Don is the trainer and he is giving the boys great instruction in how to cycle safely, recognise danger on the road and how to react to it.


The course also covers safe equipment, rules of the road, starting and stopping, road positioning, shoulder checking, turning left and right, overtaking and traffic manoeuvres. At the end of the course, each child will be given a certificate of participation. The course is subsidised by South Dublin County Council which reduces the cost to €12 per child for 6 lessons.


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