Dublin Mountain Rescue

Cathal and Adam Doolin’s Dad Tony came into school one Thursday just before the summer holidays. He is part of the Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team, He showed us what he and the team would bring on a rescue. They bring an orange tent to warm up people. They bring a stretcher to carry an injured person. Adam got to be carried on the stretcher and the teacher and students carried him. He showed us a high visibility jacket so mountain rescue can see one another. They have a helmet with a light on then so they don’t hurt themselves when stones fall and so they can see in the dark. They bring a first aid kit for injured people.


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We learned that we must always tell people where we are going on the mountains. We learnt that we should bring extra layers to keep us warm, extra food and always have our phone fully charged so you can make an emergency phone call.


We had a great day and we plan on being safe on the mountains this Summer.


By Sean, Connor and Kevin Keogh, Patrick Maher and Jaden O’Neill