Golden time in 2nd Class

gt1All too often in today’s world, children are relying on anti-social, individual play where their attention is consumed by television, social media or computer games. In second class, we have dedicated 40 minutes to free play every Friday to try and give children a chance to learn new skills and experiment with their world! This playtime sees the children sharing, turn taking, making believe and having fun with each other at a social level.

Anne O’Connor, child clinical psychologist notes that it is also important for parents to take part in their child’s play, “By sharing in and encouraging your child’s play you will strengthen your relationship with your child. Childhood lasts such a short time and today in our busy world it can seem so difficult to give our children plenty of time to play with us. It is important that you do make that effort to spend relaxed time each day with your child. It gives them a sense of their importance to you, gives them a time when they receive positive feedback from you and definitely makes for a happy child. Your child’s most important toy is yourself, children love using their parents to be the horse, the doctor, the lion etc.”

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