Graduation 2017

BALLYROAN  2011-2017


There have been so many things that we have done during our time in Ballyroan BNS that it would be easy to forget them. That is why we put our heads together to see how many of them we could recall.

Since first class we have been attending swimming lessons. I could never forget the Irish Dancing but luckily we were able to cease lessons in 5th and 6th. It just might come in useful some time.  Who knows? There were school trips to farms, museums, galleries, bog-hopping at Causey Farm and hikes to Glendalough, Tibradden and more recently Kippure. We can’t remember a recent zoo trip but no matter – this place can resemble a zoo quite often!

Along with a myriad of sporting participation and achievements, cycling session were given in the front yard. Coach also came to polish up our soccer skills and Kenny was brought in to teach us cricket. Tag rugby was enjoyed by us when we were in 3rd class. Chess is a skill that we have also mastered, thanks to Mr. Furlong in 4th class. We took water safety lessons annually and that’s a lifeskill that is certainly worth having.

Along the way were opportunities to take part in basketball, hurling, gaelic and tabletennis. We have been encouraged to become loyal spectators at Croke Park and at the National Basketball Arena – easily out-roaring the other schools’ chants.

5th Class gave us the opportunity to help our community by weekly visits to Cheeverstown House where we shared sporting activities alongside children with disabilities. Wheelchair football can be really cool with those massive footballs. Some of us were able to take part in the Enterprise Project in which we manufactured a product and had to generate the business plan and marketing strategy to sell it. After a great deal of trial and error we crafted tricolour candles. The collective endeavour was a great success and we were awarded 2nd place for our marketing.

Along the way we have become gardeners and protectors of the earth. The flourishing garden outside is a testament to our relentless efforts to incorporate biodiversity into our school.  Much of this work was done during lunch times, and occasionally we, without much hesitation, were dragged out during class for it.

Sixth class, to say the least, was a wild year, much thanks to our campaigning to claim the Green School Biodiversity flag. There were tours of the garden for all the classes, posters, flyers and brochures, and even a short video filmed by a professional videographer.

Recently we continued the Ballyroan tradition of taking part in Credit Union and Library quizzes, receiving awards there. Along the way we entered art and poetry competitions- no prizes there unfortunately.

I think we would all agree that Ballyroan School has given us a well-balanced range of learning and skills for life. There has been a lot of fun on the journey and we are ready now to take our new road to secondary school