Grandparents Day Rang 3


IMG_1441I really loved the recorder.   We played Amazing Grace and Ode to Joy.  James Brennan


My favourite part was being a “greeter” welcoming our grandparents to school.  Jack Doyle



IMG_3924 IMG_3929  Another Grandparent told us that there were no radiators in school.  Poor them!  Conor Watts

IMG_3932 IMG_3936  My favourite was my Great Grandfather because he brought in his medals.  He was a peace keeper in the Congo.  I really liked the story about refuelling small planes.  Sean Mulrooney


IMG_3939   My favourite story was when Rian’s Grandad said that in the summer he loved walking bare footed to school because the heat made the tar on the road bubble and he loved to pop the bubbles.  His mum had to use salty butter to get the tar off his feet.  My Mum said she used to do that too!  EmmetIMG_3942 IMG_3945

Dara’s Grandad was really nice.  I liked him because he told stories about impressing girls in his school yard and climbing trees.  Dylan Horan

IMG_3951 IMG_3952 IMG_3954 IMG_3957


My Mum told a story about my Grandmother who used to cycle through the war with a basket of food for all the poor people.  She is my hero.  Sam Buker


I really liked seeing Florence our 94 year old friend.  Donnacha