Important – Looking after Everyone

This time of the year is busy for many reasons so below are a few reminders and points of interest that will help with the day to day operation.

Morning Yard

As you are already aware we monitor and supervise the yard from 8.30am every school morning.

Children are not insured if they are in the yard before this time and should not be in!

We have seen a growth in the numbers attending the school from 259 in 2008 to 380 this year.  Consequently the yard is a very crowded and busy place each morning.

We would respectfully request if you as parents could drop your child to the yard and leave.

The boys have been reminded at Assembly and by their teachers that the time before school is not a play time.  We would appreciate if you could reinforce this message as unfortunately younger children can be inadvertently injured.

***Drop Off / Pick Up***

Please be extremely careful in the morning when driving your child to school.  Do not block the gates into the school. Under no circumstances attempt a u-turn back into the traffic.  Be conscious of the size of our pupils!  You might not always be able to see them in front of your car or even more so if you are reversing.  Ideally, please drop your child away from the school and allow them cross if needed with our Lollipop Ladies Mary & Carol.

Please give due consideration to our neighbours. Do not park on grass verges or block driveways.

Please note that NO CARS are allowed into the school yard at 8.50 am or 2.30pm as this completely compromises the safety of all pedestrians but especially the boys in our school.

I would be grateful for your vigilance and co-operation in this matter

Meeting Teachers

It is not always possible for teachers to be available before or after school for impromptu chats so we would ask that if you need to discuss something in detail that you make an appointment through the office.

Tel;- 01 493 1805  or e-mail

Book Rental

It is imperative that all books are treated with great care so that they will be as good as new for pupils in coming years.

Party Invites

We would respectfully request that unless there is one for everybody in the class, birthday invites are NOT circulated via the classroom as it leads to unpleasant situations.  We are in the process of organising a list of 1st class parents who are interested in having their details added to a class list that can be circulated to others within the class. Lists are already in place since last year for the boys currently in 2nd to 6th

Bicycles & Scooters

There is no cycling or scooting allowed on the school grounds.  All children and parents need to dismount before entering the school gates.  There is a place for parking bicycles behind the school and scooters should be left there too.

School Contribution

Thank you to everybody who has sent in their Section A and school contribution payments to date.

Parents’ Association

It would be impossible to provide many of the “extras” without the fundraising efforts of the Parents’ Association. Apart from the purchase, maintenance & running costs associated with the mini bus, they also contribute to the costs associated with our I.T. updates, the purchase of sports kits & most of the equipment down to the sponge balls used by all the boys at break time in the yards.

The Parents Association also run Breakfast Basketball. It recommences from next Wednesday October 3rd.  Please note that this activity can only continue if Parents volunteer for supervision.

Please support our hardworking Parents Association by joining the committee or volunteering as a helper at events.