January 2016

Today is  our second Monday back since Christmas and we are finally settling down!  The Christmas excitement seemed to bubble over and continued right through last week.  But the routine has been re-established as can be seen from the Calendar which has finally been posted on the Website.  The Calendar is just an indication of what goes on from day to day and due to pressure of space does not even list everything.  Unfortunately all the extra curricular activities like Art and Computers are now fully  booked for this term.

We are currently accepting applications for September 2016 and we know that the boys in Senior Infants in Scoil Naomh Pádraig are very excited about the prospect of coming to Rang 1.  Look how happy our current Rang 1 Boys are!

IMG_3444 IMG_3442 IMG_3441 IMG_3439 IMG_3438 IMG_3437 IMG_3436

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