Local Astronomy Evening



In conjunction with The Irish Astronomical Society (IAS),  

Glendoher & District Residents Association invite you to an exciting and thrilling

 Sidewalk Astronomy Evening

 Where? Glendoher Park

When? Saturday December 3rd 2016

What Time? 5pm to 8.00pm.

How much? Free admission

 IAS members will give a short talk on what celestial objects to see in the Winter Sky; and weather permitting, will use their telescopes and binoculars to show the craters on the Moon, the planet Venus and the planet Uranus (never visible without a telescope).

They will also show some of the most interesting winter sky constellations, double stars, star clusters and other celestial objects visible with the unaided eye as well as through binoculars and telescopes. You are welcome to bring your own binoculars and telescopes along.

This is a free event, so you are welcome to arrive and leave at any time. Please wrap up very well as it will be cold evening. Please try and walk to this event if you can.

Note:  This event will only proceed weather permitting. GDRA and IAS will make a final decision at 1.00pm on Saturday 3rd December. Please check Facebook, Twitter and of course our mobile number that day as to whether the event is to go ahead. If cancelled, the Sidewalk Astronomy evening will be rescheduled for an evening in January or February 2017, promoted separately.

Enquiries to : 086.086.5509