Our Gardening Project

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I have been doing gardening with my friends from my class and Mrs O’ Cleirigh. We had a special gardening week in November. Here is what happened.

We had to use the shovel to spread wood chippings as mulch. We have it spread out in the garden and in woodland. It took days and days to move the wood chip with the wheel barrow.  A man named Patrick came in and he was very helpful. Patrick showed us how to cut back the ivy because the ivy was killing the plants. While we were shovelling up the wood chippings we all had to take a turn raking the wood chippings and spreading it over some plant beds and paths.

Patrick brought in a dangerous long-handed lopper. The lopper was used for cutting branches off the willow. I loved the long-handed lopper because if you were using it you would have to pull a string to cut the branches off. The lopper had a very sharp blades.

We had to hammer u-shaped nails into chicken wire which was laid over wooden steps to stop anyone who walks on them from slipping. There was a log in the garden and we had to cut it with a saw. There were crates and pallets and Patrick brought in a spirt level so we levelled two planks of wood and made a compost bin. We can now put weeds and leaves into it which will turn into compost over time.

We had to strip willow branches so there were no leaves or little branches on them. We are going to make Christmas with the willow decorations and wreaths.

In the flower bed we had to dig up the weeds and plant beans and they had to be 10cm apart and there was three rows. You have to put the beans 10cm apart and then stick your finger in a hole up to your second knuckle and pop the beans in the holes and cover them up. In the other bed we planted three rows of onions and one row of garlic. The onions had be 20cm apart from each other you have to make a hole and you have to be able to see the head of the onion. The root of the onion should be in the ground. The garlic has to be 20cm apart and you stick your finger the whole way down and put the garlic in hole and cover it over.

Mrs O Cleirigh wants us to continue the great work during lunch time.

I loved gardening and I’m sure all the other boys loved it. It was fantastic.

By Cian Delaney, Rang 5.

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