P.J. remembers.

One of the most famous pupils in the old School was a gentleman by the name of P J Browne.  The boys know P.J. well!  Here are some of his memories;-

” I remember my old school, down by the Tuning Fork.  Three rooms, two small, one big.  Small yard.  It was an all boys school.  The girls went to nearby Loreto.  There were three teachers, Mr Douglas, Mr Flynn and Mr Moran.  That was in the late fifties and early sixties.  There was no heating, well there was, but no central heating.  Winter time was very cold.  Pupils brought in coal and turf etc. to feed an open fire.  There were no swimming lessons but we did have one school outing a year.

We had big strong school desks that you couldn’t move too easily with holes in them for ink wells. Biros hadn’t arrived too plentifully yet and we threw water on the floor to keep the dust down when we were sweeping it.  If you didn’t do the right things you were slapped! That’s the way it was.  No complaints! Didn’t do me any harm.”