Rang 2 National Tree Day Adventures

The three second classes went for a walk to St. Enda’s park for National Tree day.

We are learning all about trees and the seasons in 2nd class.   We went for a walk and looked at the trees in St. Enda’s park.   We also saw berries in the brambles and holly. We saw sycamore leaves and the seeds are called helicopters or sycamore seeds. We found 8 things on our list. It was my birthday on Tree Day. The weather was cloudy but warm. I really liked the day as a birthday treat.

By Ben Connell, Ms. McDonagh’s 2nd class



We had a fantastic day out and about exploring and appreciating the autumnal weather and trees.20161006_114301 National Tree Day was on the 6th October. 20161006_114402

20161006_114409   We did a scavenger hunt. We collected leaves and seeds from the trees.20161006_115421 20161006_123854  20161006_120125     We collected leaves and seeds from the trees. As we found them we ticked them off on our list. If we didn’t know the name of the leaves we checked our leaf identifier page.


20161006_123005 20161006_123009 20161006_120112

We saw a horse chestnut tree and some conkers!20161006_120116 20161006_120122 20161006_120125est