Rang 2 Santa’s Workshop

Here are some photos from Rang 2 Christmas play ‘Santa’s Workshop’.  We had a great time practising our songs, dances and learning our lines. As you can see we had elves, children who saved the day, Santa and lots of toys that came to life like Woody from Toy story, teddy bears, toy soldiers, star wars toys, Lego men and trolls! We enjoyed performing for many classes and of course for our proud parents, grandparents and family! Thanks to all who came to see it. You can see some of our dance moves on twitter!

IMG-20161213-WA0007 20161213_110047 IMG-20161216-WA0009 IMG-20161216-WA0008 IMG-20161216-WA0007 IMG-20161216-WA0006 IMG-20161216-WA0005 IMG-20161216-WA0003 IMG-20161216-WA0002 IMG-20161213-WA0015