Rang 3 Trip to St Enda’s Park

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One day in September Ms Rooney and Ms Mazzoni surprised us with an exciting trip bringing us up to the amazing and wonderful St Enda’s Park. We bounded through the gates to be met by a canopy of trees and leaves. It was beautifully sunny and there was hardly any cloud in the bright, sparkly, blue sky.

To begin with we sat in a giant circle to have our lunch. We got handed our sheet and on what to collect for our scavenger hunt. I was in a group of three with Kieran and Oisín. I would tick off things, Kieran would carry the bag and Oisín would collect the camouflaged objects.  We saw all types of interesting trees. We saw sycamore trees with their helicopter sees, horse chestnut trees with their chestnuts, beech trees with their colourful autumnal leaves and more. We discovered things about plants like all trees have their own shapes and leaves. We also learned that different things grown on trees like fruit and nuts.

We traversed a few bridges to get to the shadowy spot beside Sarah Curran Lane. There, Ms Rooney told us history facts like the story of Robert Emmet’s death mask and his execution. Another fact was that Padraic Pearse’s mother kept the last tea cups that William and Padraic Pease drank tea out of. I learnt that the school used be a dentist’s holiday home.

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It was a brilliant day and I loved it. I can’t wait to go on another trip with my class and I’m now definitely looking forward to the rest of the year.

By Conor Watts