Rang 4 Mrs Dunne Elf Stories!



Eventually  (yet it is still less than one month ago!) we get to post the wonderful stories from Mrs Dunne’s Rang 4 which they worked so hard on before Christmas!  

The Magic Elf by Adam Costello

It was the night before Christmas in the North Pole. All the elves were making toys except for one elf. He was a magic elf and he was busy looking in all the windows. Then suddenly the elf noticed that a nasty selfish child was breaking an expensive vase. So, the elf used a little magic on the nasty child and made the child stop. Then suddenly all the expensive vases started to come life and started hitting the nasty child for a few seconds. Then the elf made the vases stop hitting the nasty child and everything went back to normal and all the little bits of the vases connected back together. Then the magic elf looked in all the rest of the windows and got ready to go back to the North Pole. When the magic elf was half way through his journey to the North Pole, the magic elf saw a brown door. This door turned out to be a secret passage to Santa’s workshop. When he got into Santa’s workshop, he told Santa about the secret passage. Then Santa told the elf to show him where the secret passage was. When they got there the secret passage had disappeared

 An Elf Story  By Ben Smyth

 Once upon a time, there was a magical elf who could make presents as quick as a flash. He was Santa’s favourite elf. One day he was working so incredibly hard that he pulled a muscle! He said “I am unbelievably sad that I cannot work for so many weeks, especially at this time of year”. But remember this elf is a magic elf. So on the 24th of December he got dressed and hopped into his sleigh and rode to Santa’s workshop. The elf said to Santa “I think I am able to start work again”. “REALLY?” said Santa. “Yes of course, don’t forget, I am magic” said the elf. So the elf kept on working, but just not as hard.

The next day he decided to retire and teach the all of the other elves how to use their magic powers so they could work more productively in the future. At the end of every year the elves vote for who they think worked the hardest over the course of the year and guess who won? Santa no, I am lying it is the magical elf! “I am honoured to be presented with this truly magnificent award” said the magic elf.

An Elf Story  By Robbie O’ Reilly

 Once there was a little elf. He was very shy and lonely. He really loved working for Santa. One Christmas, he wanted to help Santa deliver all the presents to the children. It was his favourite thing to do. One day, he asked Santa could he fly with him this Christmas. Santa was going to say no but he said yes. The elf was so excited…he couldn’t wait.

The little elf was so excited the next day.

That next day was Christmas Eve. The tiny elf had to feed the massive reindeers. After that he had to get himself all warm for the snowy night with Santa and the reindeers. Second of all they got the deer ready for their long night. Third of all they had to find the flying dust and get ready to fly.

So as soon as they took off they went quick as a flash. They were in the sky in seconds. Santa and the elf sprinkled lots of flying dust on the reindeers. That will do said Santa. They had to raise their voices because lots of noise was going on at the same time. They threw presents into the chimney. It was a really great night.

AN ELF STORY     BY Gary McCrea

  It was Christmas night and the “big jolly man Santa Claus” had his reindeers and elves ready to fly across the world delivering presents in one night. But there was something missing which he hadn’t realised. Suddenly 3 elves ran up to him and said, in loud voices, “SANTA CLAUS, ONE OF THE ELVES ARE MISSING!!!!!”. Santa Claus could not believe his ears! Then he just realised that the elf that was missing was the one who was going with him to deliver the presents…………. He did not know what to do. He sent his six intelligent elf to go find him. He gave them all walkie-talkie to talk to them while there looking. He was going to find that elf.

Suddenly, the elf rang Santa Claus. They said they saw a figure in the distance and they did not know what it was. The elf started to run but they managed to rugby tackle the figure to the ground. It was the elf! The elf told them all that he was being chased by a deer. They ran back to the sleigh and Santa Claus. They were ready to go! They got on the sleigh and took off. It was a miracle!

An Elf Story  by Cormac Scully

One Christmas, Santa was running out of Christmas paper. He asked one of his elves to go and get some. So the elf left the workshop to go and get some.

On his way back, suddenly he fell into the ice. He shouted “Help Help,Help”. No one heard him. He shouted again “Will someone please help me?”

No one heard him again. Back at the workshop, Santa was scared. He decided to go out into the blizzard. He searched for hours and hours. He searched everywhere! He still could not find him.

In the woods, there was a house. Santa went into it. There was no one there. He shut the door. He went back and searched again. After that he gave up and Christmas was ruined. The elf was still in the ice.

Santa and the elves went looking for only one elf. They found the elf. They were delighted. They lifted him out. It was a long way home. They went into the woods and found the house again. The elf was nice and warm. They walked home. They wrapped all the presents. The reindeer were ready to fly. Rudolph was kicking the gate. The crazy elves got back to work….

An Elf Story  by Daragh Naughton

Once upon a time there was a young elf whose name was Bob. Every day Bob got picked on by the older elves because he was very slow at making toys.

So then one day Bob told Santa what was happening. Santa told the older elves to stop tormenting Bob. But now they started chanting Bob is a wussbag. Bob was very sad, and so he wanted revenge. So the next day he went down to the well to put his devious plan into action. He went to the well to get a bucket of ice cold water. When he got back to the dormitory he put the cold water on the meanest elf, whose name was John. When he woke up everybody thought he weed himself.

Bob was one step further into his plan. Next he was going to toy camp. So he went to sign up for toy camp. In toy camp he started off at the lowest rank. Over the weeks he got better and better at making toys. While he was at the toy camp he decided that he would stop all the pranks. When he got back he never got bullied again. Santa was very proud of him.

Elf Boy by Guess Who?

On the 24th of December 1999, Santa came down the chimney into the St.Marys nursing home. In the middle of his visit, a baby climbed into his sack. His name was Henry and his whole life was about to change.

Mid-flight Henry made a “Goo Goo Gaa Spll” sound. Santa knew all languages, even baby language .What Henry was saying was “Oh I found a dee do”. That then got Santa worried because none of the toys on his list made that noise so he quickly checked inside the sack full of balls and teddies and found little Henry.

They arrived back at Christmas town. All the elves were shocked and happy. Santa something with his jolly old voice “We have a new elf”. They all said “What’s his name?” “I don’t know”.

The next hour or so he checked on the globe. He saw his name was Henry but said ‘He lives with us now, so I’ll call him Elf”. Elf worked in the factory but he grew taller than all the rest and he wasn’t as good at building as the rest. Elf became sad because the rest of the elves were getting under his skin. He is now head elf.

An Elf Story  by Jimmy Meaney

Once, there was a little fat elf, with green and yellow shoes, called Jimmy. He ate loads of sweets. One Christmas, he was chosen to go with Santa to deliver the presents. But a disaster occurred.

Jimmy was in the sleigh waiting for Santa, but Rudolf got lost….he escaped. Everyone was looking for him. Santa said to one of the elves “Go get another reindeer”. But they had also escaped. It was a disaster. Suddenly there was a call.”I found him”. He had Rudolf .It was a Christmas miracle. Everybody shouted “Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bad thing was, Santa was behind schedule. He had to hurry. His first house was in Ireland…a Liverpool jersey.

He was almost finished, just America left. He first went to Hollywood. In Miami, Santa got stuck in the chimney. He asked Jimmy for help. When Jimmy came to help he broke it and made a lot of noise. Santa rushed to put the presents under the tree. On his way home, he noticed he didn’t  have a lot of fuel left. But he made it home safely. There was a big cheer when Santa came home. It was a wonderful but dodgy snowy happy Christmas.

The Final Elf Story!

Hi my name is Alfie. I am an elf. I work for Santa reading all the letters. We get fed twice a day and love to play. One day I would love to go on the sleigh. Other elves say it is fun and fast. The sleigh is sparkly with strong reindeer [includes Rudolf].

One day, the sleigh was taking off and it crashed. The reindeer ran off and Santa broke his leg. Miss Claus was very upset and we were running out of time to deliver the presents! I decided to be the elf of the year and run into the magic vault and grab some magic dust. I got into the sleigh and blew the whistle and eight shining reindeer appeared from the Artic fog. I opened the bag and the magic swarmed around me. I lashed the whip and we lifted off the ground. First I was scared but then it was a journey of a life time. I got back and everyone was so worried. I told them what I had done and Santa was so proud. I got chocolate chip cookies and milk and got to watch a movie.