Rang 6 Trips

Croke Park 

On a bright Wednesday morning I ran into school trembling with fear and excitement.  I was going to play in Croke Park. I met all my teammates in the yard and we were giddy with anticipation.  An hour later I jumped onto the bus. It was a super posh bus. It was quite a long drive across the city. I could tell some people were nervous and some people were so excited they could barely sit down. Croke Park was packed with other buses and schools.

We made our way to the changing rooms. They were very fancy with white marble walls and floors. Then off we went to the training room. We warmed up and got ready for the game.

When we ran on to the pitch the crowd was crazy. There were thousands of eyes on us. The crowd was wild with excitement.

We faced a very strong side from St Pius. We had already met them in the group stage. Everything was to play for. Both teams were prepared to battle to the very end. The game was competitive but Pius pulled ahead. Max Carter’s goal from a Harry Bolton assist was not enough to bring us to glory.

We had a wonderful experience on the pitch and we were so proud to play on the sacred ground of Croke Park. Many players tucked some of the grass into their socks as a keepsake of their special day in Croker.

By Joseph McGuire, Ollie Dermody and Sam Scott.


In early September, 6th class set off to Loch Dan. We got on PJ’s bus and departed for the lake. The bus took an hour and a half. When we arrived we hiked for two and a half hours (with a break halfway) to the lake. The walk down was amazing. We saw loads of abandoned buildings, forts and huts. We saw many deer on the Guinness Estate.  

We stopped at an abounded house. There were stepping stones and loads of flies. We ate our lunch and had great fun running across the stepping stones. We rounded our final corner and saw the glistening lake.  We took advantage of the raft that we found on the shore. We played with it for a few minutes. All too soon it was time to start our ascend back out of the valley to the bus.  It was a great day and I would love to go back sometime.

By Kealan Scanlan & Daniel Mangu

National Basketball Arena  

On Tuesday November 19th,  6th class went to the National Basketball Arena. The two teams from Ballyroan fought hard battles until the end but ultimately came up short and unfortunately lost out of the trophy. Much credit is due to our supporters, teachers and our coach Mr Morris who has been with us all the way through the league.  We appreciate all your support!

By Harry Bolton

St Patrick’s Cathedral

We all went to school very excited. At 10.30 we were out the door walking to the bus stop. We boarded the 15A and we were off. My class and I hopped off the bus in town with great excitement. We walked through the majestic town. We could only dream, of building some of these buildings in town. After walking for 10 minutes we finally arrived. It is hard to explain how magnificent the stained glass windows were. We got there and sat down on what looked like ancient chairs. We met a gentleman who showed us where to go. Two actors put on a play and they got everyone involved. They play was about St Patrick’s life and this travels in Ireland. I would really recommend a trip to St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

By Conor Chambers