Summer Holidays

A boy in Rang 5 was so brilliant to take the time to send us this report about his summer holidays.

(If there are any other budding travel correspondents or journalists out there please send us your articles.  We would be delighted to publish them!)

My Trip To Clare

My cousin Finn is home from Australia. Finn and his family and my family went to Clare. It was beautiful to get out of Dublin.


The journey was long so we stopped and got chicken and chips. We arrived at a park with a castle. It was Bunratty Castle. We saw the dining room where the king had his banquets.


I got a tummy bug and vomited in the hotel reception. My aunty Emma cried with laughter.  On Friday my family and I went to the Ailwee caves.  It was cold and wet in the caves.  I saw bears’ bones and stalagmites.cillian3


We went out on a boat to see the Cliffs of Moher.  The sun was shining.  I saw lots of puffins. There were lots of birds on the Cliffs. cillian4


I went on a horse and cart ride through Doolin town. We stayed in Doolin because there was a music festival on. There were people on the streets singing and playing music. Everybody was happy and I loved it there.


Cillian McCarthy