Terrific Tour to Tibradden

P1020945Yesterday we went on a completely outstanding school tour. We got ready for the fieldtrip once we got into school. We hopped into PJ’s bus and it started moving through the city. We arrived at the bottom of Tibradden Mountain after a while. It was beautiful.

As we started to hike the mountain we reached a layer of dark misty forest. This place would not have looked out of place in a haunted film but I knew that these forests held no ghosts. We listened to the interesting calls of birds as we climbed into the sunnier part of the forest. My partner and I looked at spiders near the end of the woods. Above the woods you could find yourself in a place with clear skies and path with trees on either side. Ladybugs crawled on the mountain floor. We used the railway sleepers to cross the sharp rocks.

Suddenly to my horror we came to the terrible sight of the deforested area on the mountain. No living trees were in our sight and there were branches and logs everywhere. But then to my relief I saw that nature was growing back over this place because that is when I spotted a fox’s den. I knew it belonged to a fox as I had seen one before.

Then we encountered an obstacle. There was a fallen tree blocking the path but we managed to push through the needles of the pine tree. After that I shook the pine cones off me on kept on climbing. After that we found ourselves in a place with clear skies without trees. There was just grass and rocks. We kept climbing for a while and then we came to an area filled with danger where we were crossing through the clouds. All I could see was white puff but thankfully we made it through without anybody dying. In that section we encountered obstacles such as ditches but normally a fallen rock formed a bridge across them. We reached a location where there was a man made cairn with ancient designs on the floor.

After more everlasting climbing, we eventually reached Fairy Castle. When we had our lunch there you could see all the peaks of the Dublin and Wicklow mountains poking through the clouds. It was an amazing view. Fairy Castle was surrounded by railway sleepers. “We made it to the top”, I thought in relief. Then we went about halfway down the mountain into a meadow and I looked at grasshoppers and watched sheep escaping from their fields. Suddenly we saw PJ’s bus. It had finally made it up the steep drive half way up the mountain. We got into the bus and made it safely back to school. It had been a wonderful day and out best trip in third class. I look forward to our next fieldtrip.

By Gary Meaney Third Class Age 9