The Community of Ballyroan

In September 2nd class were learning all about Community! As part of that we all went for a visit to our local community of Ballyroan.  We met some of the members of our wonderful community who were very kind to take time out of their busy day to have a chat with us!


We went to visit the shops in Ballyroan. We met Fran the butcher, Andy the fishmonger, Paul the Pharmacist and Emma the librarian. We also went to the Community Centre and we spoke with Grainne. There is so much to do in Ballyroan and everyone was very friendly. We also learned that Andy, Fran and Paul  had to an apprenticeship as part of their training. We borrowed books from the library too.  Have a look at some of our photos!

20160909_101934  20160909_101258 20160909_101249 20160909_100451 20160909_100448

By Darragh Hurley, 2nd class