Dear Parents.

Welcome back to what is always a very busy term for us.

Thank you to all the people who have already sent in their Section A payments and the Voluntary Contribution.  Receipts will issue shortly for all payments.

We would respectfully request that parents exercise extreme caution when dropping children off to the school in the mornings.  Please do not pull up at the front gate as this it impacts directly on the flow of the traffic and seriously compromises the safety of the people crossing with Mary the Lollipop lady.  Please drop the boys in an area that is safe to do so, e.g. Glendoher, Willowbank or Butterfield Park and encourage them then to cross at the lights or with Mary

 As you will be aware we accumulate an enormous amount of “LOST PROPERTY”.  We always return named items and the accumulated unnamed non-school items are currently on display in the hall. These will be donated to a charity for recycling at the end of this week. Please please ensure that everything is labelled and that the labelling is renewed on a regular basis as names fade over time.

Football (Rang 4, 5 & 6.)  Firstly a big thank you to all the teachers who give of their own time at least 2 afternoons a week to coach the boys.Training is well under way and matches have been scheduled.

The Juniors will train on Mondays and have their matches on Tuesdays.

It is hoped Senior training will take place during the school day with matches generally on a Thursday .  The Senior boys should be well able to convey the messages regarding football, i.e. where, when, and against who but it is probably prudent to ask for notes and watch for texts!! 

Changes in the schedule will happen and are unavoidable but in general the boys should always be prepared and bring in their gear.  



Breakfast Basketball will recommence on September 16th, Tuesday to Friday. Meet in the Main Yard at 7.50am. This session is facilitated by an external coach and funded from the contributions made to the Parents Association.  The note for this activity will be sent out this week

We are very grateful to all our own teachers who volunteer to take the Afterschool basketball sessions on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesdays and of course Mr Morris who takes basketball sessions every morning at 8.30am in our own school hall for the boys from 5th & 6th class.


The Parents Association will be holding their A.G.M on Monday September 29th.  They will be distributing GUESS THE SCORE cards this week for the All Ireland Final.  They have also organised a Clothing Collection for Liberty Recycling for Friday September 26th so please keep them in mind if you are clearing out after the summer.


The school calendar detailing all the proposed closures for this school year is available on our website

www.ballyroanboysschool.ie There are also copies available from the office.

We will be updating our website on a regular basis so please keep an eye for up to date information.


Wishing you all an enjoyable school year.

Mr Morris