Who looks at our Website?

We would love as many people of possible to look at our website.  We have many technical ways of measuring the traffic but it is so nice when we know that the person who looked at it  is YOU!

In an effort to make sure all our recent articles have been read we are going to run a little competition.  The answers to the following questions can be found on the site.  They may be obvious or may be randomly and obscurely stuck in an article in bold and capital letters.     Happy hunting!

1)     What is the last day that there is Afterschool Basketball this term?

2)    What is the most popular name in the school?

3)    Who is the Chairperson of the Parents Association and what is their telephone number?

4)   Including Mr Morris, how many teachers do we have?

5)   Who supplied the flagpoles in the front yard ?

6)  How many boys are currently enrolled in Ballyroan Boys School?

7)    Who would like to write an article for the website??

All answers on a page with your name, class and one suggestion of something you would like to see on the website to the office before  FRIDAY.